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About Check GZIP compression

About Gzip Compression Checker

The Gzip Compression  Tool Checker

Gzip compression may be enabled for your website and saves as a minimum 50% of your bandwidth utilization. With this device you could test if your net server is sending the correct gzip enabled header.  Enter your website url under and we’ll test if the internet server sends the gzip command in your customers!

What is gzip compression?

Gzip compression is bundling (zipping) pages on an internet server before the page is sent to the traveler.

This saves bandwidth and consequently increases the loading pace of the page substantially.

The site visitors' web browser then mechanically unzips the pages.  This compressing and unzipping only takes a fraction of a 2d. Gzip compression is usually recommended for all styles of text files including:


  • html (.html) however additionally all styles of dynamic html (along with extension .personal home page, .aspx)
  • textfiles (extension .txt)
  • css and javascript (extensie .css and .js)
  • webservices, which includes wsdl, rest and json

Gzip compression isn't always endorsed for non-text documents, consisting of graphical documents and .zip documents because it hardly ever saves area and might therefore growth the loading time.

Why is gzip compression important?

Gzip compression saves 50% to eighty% bandwidth and could therefore extensively growth the internet site's loading pace.

The textfiles are compressed (zipped) on the net server and then the visitor's web browser will automatically unzip the documents.  This compressing and unzipping handiest takes a fragment of a second with out the quit person noticing.

Pretty much all the huge websites international use gzip compression.

In which is gzip compression used?

Gzip compression need to be installed on the net server, consisting of in apache, iis and nginx. whilst retrieving the website the net browser will set off the vacationer he/she will be able to get hold of the gzip.

Then the internet server will ship the documents gzip-compressed to the web browser, after which the web browser will unzip them.

If the traveler's web browser does now not help gzip,  The files might be sent lower back to the traveler of their original country (uncompressed).

How does this test paintings?

This test will take a look at if your area(and in the long run the server you are hosted on) has gzip enabled by using connecting to your domain and inquiring for the specified facts. next to that it will additionally come up with a few extra gzip information like the length of the gzipped model of your url (gzipped length(compressed):) and what sort of you (may additionally) benefit from gzip compression(compression %:).

What does gzip compression do?

Gzip compression makes it feasible to compress your net documents (html documents, etc..), from time to time as much as 70%-eighty%. This a whole lot smaller compressed version of your documents is then despatched to the browser of your tourist rather than the bigger unique files. the browser of your traveler will then automatically extract the compressed document and show the full page in your site visitors.

How does allowing gzip make my website quicker?

The gzipped report is lots smaller in length (in bytes) as your unique web document. the browser of your traveler will want much less time to load your internet site as it desires to down load plenty smaller files.

How do I allow Gzip?

Cross here for an in depth manual a way to enable gzip and for extra statistics approximately gzip in preferred.

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