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About Bulk Domain Availability Checker

About the Domain Bulk Checker

The Domain Bulk Checker by CPC Group Marketing & Business Strategy

Get results lower back on more than one domain.  You can enter up to 500 .com / .internet domains below, separate with commas or spaces.   This is a quick way of knowing if domains are available for you to buy.  

Input domains by CPC Group Marketing & Business Strategy is a tool  to check with the shape on the left.   We will test their availability and the selection of what to buy is yours.    

It uses Moz domain authority & web page authority bulk device.

Use the bulk Moz da & pa checker to decide the power of specific pages and the probability for a website to rank nicely in seek engine outcomes in the future.

The Moz authority device returns:

  • Web page authority represents the authority of a selected page / URL on a 1 to 100 scale.
  • Area authority represents the authority of the domain on a 1 to a hundred scale.
  • Mozrank, representing the worldwide link recognition on a 1 to ten scale.
  • Hyperlinks overall, representing the overall variety of links to a page.
  • External and internal links to a website
  • Dofollow and Nofollow hyperlinks


Use the Moz authority bulk tool to test the above metrics for a couple of urls.  After appearing an expert test you can order your Domain with our Affiliated partner

Checkout the area authority for multiple urls from an unmarried area or evaluate / benchmark more than one urls from specific domains.


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Domain authority evaluation


The way to use this device to perform a seo competitor evaluation?

Step 1.

Enter a search question into google, the use of a applicable keyword (word) you’d like to rank for.

Step 2.

Retrieve the ten results / urls from the first results page.

Step 3.

Enter these urls and perform a website authority comparisson. this device will routinely spotlight the highest domain authority & page authority in blue.

Step 4.

Use these outcomes to make an educated guess ;-) how does your internet site compare to the competition based totally on da and pop.

Repeat this technique for all of the exciting keywords and key terms related to your internet site.


Tool pointers:

•         Treasured one-way link device – discover possibilities to improve your online authority.

•         Seo keyword thought device – discover relevant keywords to search for.

the Moz authority checker uses the Mozscape / Moz api to get the authority and hyperlink facts


Domain authority (da) or page authority (pa) is a metric given by to any internet site among 1 to 100. it's far based off records from the Mozscape net index and includes hyperlink counts,    Mozrank and Moztrust rankings, and dozens of other factors.    Internet site with higher da and pa are in all likelihood to seem better in google search.

Use domain authority when comparing one site to any other or monitoring the “power” of your website through the years.


Domain authority vs. page authority

While domain authority measures the predictive ranking energy of complete domains or subdomains, web page authority measures the power of character web page.this device indicates the da and dad of multiple internet site which includes number of one-way links.


Publicity by Adpathway

Publicity by Adpathway

Publicity by Adpathway